【Recruit】We are Looking for a Lawyer to Work Full-Time on Public Interest Litigation


As Japan's first group of experts dedicated to public interest litigation, LEDGE has started recruiting a full-time lawyer to engage in new public interest litigation cases to further accelerate social change through the judiciary.

We are looking for individuals to join us in this groundbreaking initiative to change society through the judiciary. A minimum level of knowledge and understanding of constitutional and administrative law and litigation practice are essential, but we do not require specific years of experience as a lawyer or prior public interest litigation experience. Our experienced team will provide support. We welcome those who have previously engaged in public interest litigation and wish to devote more time and energy to it, as well as those from other fields who now wish to specialize in public interest litigation.

If you believe you are the right fit, please feel free to apply. If you know someone who might be interested, we would appreciate it if you could share this information with them.

▽Check out the job description here
Job Description
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